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I can't see the update button.
If you can’t see the update button, please refer to the information below.★ Please noteThere may be a delay in the Store for updates, so please try again after a while.■ Things to try when you can’t see the update button1. Secure memory space : Close all running apps, and reduce unnecessary memory2. Delete unused apps to secure storage space3. Settings → More → Storage → Delete cache data4. Delete the game and reinstallIf you still have problems, please contact our player support about the issue
Where can I install (download) the game?
You can install (download) Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms from the markets below: 1. Google Play Store [Go to] 2. Apple App Store [Go to] Press the link to go to the market and hit the [install] button to download the game.
I have problems when running the game through a PC app player.
Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms is optimized for mobile devices and may have problems such asscreen resolution, graphic errors, PC settings issue, etc. when running in environments other than mobile devices.We recommend playing the game on mobile devices.Please note that if a problem occurs during gameplay in an app player program, we will not be able to assist you.
How do I reinstall the game?
If you need to reinstall the game due to problems in access, launch, game performance, etc, you can reinstall the game as below.■ Android① Device settings → Application → Press 'Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms'→ Storage → Delete cache/data → delete app② Search 'Hero Blaze: Three KIngdoms' in Play Store and reinstall the game■ iOS① Delete 'Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms' from the home screen② Search 'Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms' in the App Store and reinstall※ For guest users, deleting the game will also d
I can’t access/launch the game.
Please try the following when you can’t access/launch the game.              1. Check your network(WiFi/LTE) connectivity and try to reconnect      2. Power off your device and restart your device      3. Delete any useless apps and data in your device      4. Update your device OS to the latest version              If you still have problems, please contact the player support using the form below.              ■ Player Support contact form      1. The name of your device      2. Your current OS